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Full Version: IN & NH Cosmo Proposed Law Changes
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Indiana Bill Eliminating Cosmetology & Barbering Licenses Withdrawn
New Hampshire - 3 Bills Impacting Beauty Industry

Dear Beauty Professional

This is a deeply important email to all of us even if you do not live in Indiana or New Hampshire.
Please take a moment and read on...

An Indiana bill (HB2006) to eliminate all Cosmetology and Barber licensing semi-officially withdrawn in the Indiana House and Senate.

As of Wed. Jan. 25, 2012 the is heavy word this bill has been withdrawn, although there is no official word to my own contact with the IN State Board, and no notice on the Indiana web site.

Indiana Cosmetology & Barber Deregulation Blog
"Representative David Wolkins has withdrawn House Bill 1006. Congratulations
...So I was pleased to see such an outpour of public testimony and cooperation. After the committee meeting was held, I met with several members of ROEC and state legislators to discuss possible amendments or changes. One of those amendments included not eliminating the State Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners, but make slight changes to how the licensing is done.
Saying that, even though I agree with the overall goal of the legislation-that being less government involvement-I understand that this is not the year to do it, and this is not the legislation to do it with. I decided to withdraw the bill because we can do better
." 1/25/2012
"Indiana Rep. Dave Wolkins killed a bill Wednesday that would have eliminated licenses for cosmetologists and a handful of other professions.

Wolkins, R-Winona Lake, said the stylists, aestheticians and others who came to testify on the bill last week were so persuasive that their industry should be licensed and regulated that he would not even ask for a vote on the legislation

Nothing has been posted at any offical Indiana site as of noon, Jan. 26, 2012 verifying this information.

Here is the website that contains the full ROEC (Regulated Occupations Evaluation Committee) report detailing the Indiana's decision to bring this bill for vote: CLICK TO READ REPORT

Read the report carefully. It is full of double negatives. One section states:

Maintain Current Status

There are two license types that the Board would leave unchanged, assuming that the General Assembly is determined to maintain licensure. Those two licenses are manicurist and esthetician.

Several people have already misinterpreted this to mean these 2 licenses will not be effected if the bill passes or fails. That is incorrect. The statement means -- IF the bill FAILS and licensing is retained, these 2 licenses will have no changes. All other licenses will have some sort of change, but not manicurist or esthetician. If the bill PASSES manicurist and esthetician licenses, along will all beauty related licenses - operators, schools, etc, will be eliminated

Of course with any proposed legislation, licensees may also contact their Legislator at . If you are an Indiana licensee, we urge you to contact your politicians who will be voting on this matter immediately!


New Hampshire has introduced three bills that will directly impact the professional beauty industry. Please review the following three bills:

HB1265 establishes criteria for the regulation of occupations and professions by boards and commissions as authorized by law, and provides that an individual may engage in a legal occupation (such as cosmetology) without being subject to laws that regulate the occupation or profession which are arbitrary, unnecessary, or substantially burdensome.
BILL SPONSORS: Representatives Spec Bowers, Joshua Davenport, Seth Cohn, and George Lambert.

HB1431 repeals the requirements of high school education and hours of training or apprenticeship required for obtaining a barber license, leaving as requirements only good professional character, passage of an examination, and paying the license fee.
BILL SPONSORS: Representatives Spec Bowers, Tammy Simmons, Peter Hansen, Jason Antosz, Michael Reed, Donald LeBrun, and Kyle Tasker.

HB1538 prohibits the board of barbering, cosmetology, and esthetics from adopting a rule prohibiting certain innovative cosmetic or esthetic treatments.
BILL SPONSORS: Representatives Andrew Manuse, Steve Vaillancourt, Lenette Peterson, Spec Bowers.

All three bills are currently in the House Executive Departments and Administration

Licensed professionals, business owners, distributors, and manufacturers maintain a high standard of professionalism and legitimacy through education, best practices, health and safety, and complying with regulations that protect the industry as well as the consumer. These bills do not support our industry or our professional goals.

Please click here to sign on to the letter opposing HB1265, HB1431, and HB1538.

Please do not think because you do not live in Indiana or New Hampshire, these issues do not effect you. This is the furthest we have ever seen steps to eliminate beauty licenses in the US go. If one state does this, others will follow.

Make your voice heard NOW!