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Full Version: Pedicure Recipes
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Hello All,

Does anyone have a pedicure recipes for

Champagne and Starwberries

hot Chocolate


or any other different pedicure recipes for different seasonof the year as well.
I have a ton of recipes. E-mail me and I'll send the whole file to you if you're interested. Technically, many of them are "facial" recipes--but they are equally useful for hands and feet.
I would love them also, I cannot seem to connect with the hotmail account, so here is my email [email protected]

Thank you
Bren1375, I would love it if you could also give me your recipes too. I am looking in to doing pedicure specails around holidays, your recipes would be lovely. Thank you

bren1375, Sorry I forgot to give you my address, that might help. It is [email protected] I would really appreciate those recipes. Thank you very much. ~brandi
Hello all! The recipes are now in book format, but the file is huge (20MB). As soon as I get the information to Deb (can't find my blank cd's), and we get all the details worked out--it will be available for download as an e-book here. I'll announce it when it's ready for you. Thanks to everyone for your interest!

sweetie, if it is 20MB publisher file I don;t thin I can reduce it enough to mke it a downloadable file Smile but we'll see when you find your disks
You're a magician Deb--Thank you so much!!