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Full Version: Looking for a product consistency practice sheet...
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Hi techies! I'm looking for a product consistency practice sheet that has the different size circles. I already have the TT practice sheet, so don't need that one. If anyone has it can you email it to me or post it here?


Jeanne Parks - Licensed MI Nail Tech
[email protected]

Does anyone know of a manufacturer that makes this specific practice sheet? Or any tips on making my own?

Thanks, need this for a class!!!
The only one I have ever seen is the TT one.
I have one saved in my files. Send me an e-mail and I will forward it to you.
The ones I've used were provided by the school.

We used the CND mix ratio practice sheet, they gave us a couple, but I saw somebody asking Holly for this kind of practice sheets on her blog, and you can also watch the vid and see how they look, here is the link with a lot of valuable info

Hope this helps.
Thanks Lana! I sent an email to you
Hi Would you mind emailing me a practice sheet if thats not to rude? !!



I have one as well - just e mail me at: [email protected]