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Full Version: Tammy Taylor and Young Nails
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I'm getting back into nails again after taking a 2 year break. I use acrylic and not sure what system is best. I have used both Tammy Taylor and Young Nails in the past, but the nail world has changed since I stopped doing nails for a couple of years. What are your thoughts on each and what do you like best? Thanks for any info.
Still Tammy Taylor all the way.
Hi, I have been doing nails for 17 years. 10 of those years I used TT. It's a great product and I still use it occasionally. But I have found that I like Young Nails ALOT! I have had super success with it and have ZERO lifting with it. TT has alot of different liquids you can try, but Young Nails is easy with just needing only one. I love all thier products. I used to be a YN distributor, but I started a family and had to sell it to one of my educators. I am a mentor for YN as well because I love the product and the company. They really take care of you. For Real.
If you take classes and are committed you will do well with either. But my FAV is YN. Hands down.
Thank you for the replies.
Tammy taylor Smile I love the color variety in the pinks and whites, and I like having the monomer options.