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Full Version: **Latest work (pics)!!
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(fixed again - just noticed the first pic wasnt showing up.. Debbie)

These are nails I did recently, the purple is gel, short nails are Entity One gel polish and other are acrylic!
[Image: IMGP0136.jpg]
[Image: IMGP0181.jpg]
[Image: IMGP0180.jpg]
[Image: IMGP0162.jpg]
[Image: IMGP0148.jpg]
[Image: IMGP0141.jpg]
[Image: IMGP0137.jpg]
Lovely Smile I fixed the images to show for you..
Heart them, expecially the flowers on the first pics. Smile
Debbie-thank you so much I didn't know exactly how to do it with the new changes!
Love the second set! I want them on me!!

Me too, I love the second set.Smile
Thank you for your nice comments!
I love, love them all, but the second set is my favorite. You do awesome work..
I remember when you first started. These are amazing!,
So pretty!