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Full Version: FootsieBath on Sale @ Sally's
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Just wanted to let you know that Sally Beauty Supply has the FootsieBath kit on sale for $88 thru the end of January. It comes with the bath, wire basket, and 10 liners (the bath is usually $99 and basket $30).

Code 555168 can save you an extra $5 (pretty much covers shipping!)
Thank YOU!!!!

I wish the liners were on sale!
The liners *are* on sale, too! $79/100...that's why I was there in the first place Smile. Idk if I'm just very lucky, but it seems to me that every time I go to order some they are on sale for $79!
I knew it was on sale, but didn't know about the code for the $5 off to cover the shipping...I was going to buy it 2 weeks ago but put it off til payday so will be getting it Monday...with that code!!