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Full Version: House Bill - 1006 - Indiana
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HB 1006 is scheduled to be heard Friday, January 20, 2012 at 10:30 a.m. in room 156-B of the State House.

Thank You Diana Bonn - Indiana State Board of Cosmetology
Thank You Diana Bonn, Thank you for caring enough to keep us up to date on this issue. This is, by far not just an Indiana issue. If this bill is passed, simply to save money, you can bet others will follow!!! My daughter and I are both nailtechs in Kokomo Indiana and we have worked hard over the last eight years to hone our craft in order to provide the safest and most up to date services for clients that we respect. If cheap, services by people who care very little about anything more than making a quick buck were what everyone wanted, I would have been put out of business long ago by the 6 "quick shops " that are within a 5 mile radius of our shop. Thanks for listening Martha Hanks
Well it was a success!!!!!! Place was packed, and the committee will kill this bill on Tuesday. So we keep our licensing. One committee person said as long as he has been at the state house this was the 2nd worse bill he has seen.

There was a huge show by supporters and Indiana had support from all over the world!! Even Tabitha called our office yesterday asking what she could do for us. I have been told she has been posting it on twitter. diana from indiana
Thanks Mar, I appreicate it. I can't talk much about what happens at the meetings, and I can't lobby. Everything is so confidential. So many have no idea what I do. But appreciate you thanking me!!! diana from indiana
thank you so much Diana for keeping us informed.. thank goodness we were able to overcome this hurdle. also thanks to everyone who drove down there to support our profession!!!