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Full Version: Anyone know whos picture this is
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I saw this on a local advertising page. I live in a small town and there is nothing like this here. No 3d at all and this says airbrush. Some of the pictures make me wonder if maybe someone is using someone elses. I also have some other suspicions.
Um idk about this place. Are they licensed nail techs or just painting someone else's work?? And did you see their huge page about solar nails?? My cousin did get airbrush makeup for her wedding and it was great. I have the Fake Bake sprany tan tent at my house so can i advertise uv free tanning too lol
I didn't see the page on Solar Nails. Now that I have I am shocked. I don't know who is starting this business, but I do have my suspicions. There is a girl in this town that does nails, spray tans and air brushing temp tattoos and such in her home. She hasn't went to school. Nor is she liscenced. She does acrylic nails. She told me she is getting pretty good at it. She was wondering if you need a liscence to do it. She has no intention of going to school. She was nice when we were talking on facebook. I could be off base, but the fact that she just spoke to me within a week ago and then posted this. It is claiming to do the exact things she said she does and she will do it in your home, cheap. The town I am in is extremely small and depressed financially. People will jump at this, believe it or not. I am just in shock and can hardly wait to see if it is the same one. I also know that there is nobody in this town that could have done the nails on that site. I would be the closest one able to do that, and it is still a mile high better than what I could do. We have 4 asian nail shops, one single girl acrylic shop, one single girl natural nail tech and me in this county, as far as I know. I am not even sure what the regulations are in PA about going in to homes. I know they told me I could go to the nursing home for shut ins with my liscence. I have not done that though. I really would like to know who did the nails. I wonder if they are from a magazine?
The solar nails info is on the wall as

So she does "solar nails"

I dont know about the pic but if it were me i would just look the company name up on the PA BBB or the State Board register list. And if i didnt find anything i would call and ask for info about the business and get nosy. I also live in a small town and know that people would talk and someone would complain even the local tanning salon could complain about it. and the tent thing looks a lot like my hubbys camping shower. My fake bake one has the logo and its womanly. And i only spary tan my hubby and me not clients.

I dont know how you feel but i would get a spray tan and see whats up *wink*
Excuse my language...but WTF?!?!

That solar nails page alone is laughable, I just sat there with my mouth open as I read it.....
If I weren't so adverse to confrontation on the internet I'd message them myself!!
I had no problem messaging them. Left a nice comment. Lol
I asked where they took their class for airbrushing lol no comment back yet lol
OHHH WOW...... read this Now we know where she took it all from.
You girls are funny.Smile It made my day. I was really curious about the picture. I have seen those nails somewhere. It had to be either online like here or in nails magazine. That is about the only place I see stuff.

I did read the solar nails stuff. It was funny too. Well, funny and sad. People believe that stuff.

It is a shame with this economy that we have to compete (at least you do in a town the size of mine with the unemployment rate we have) with this kind of thing. If everyone would just tell the truth about what they do and what products they use, it would go a lot smoother.



I actually had a girl come in to where I work today, and basically tell me I was lying when I told her that Solar is Acrylic...

She said her friend works at the chop shop around the corner and that she gets solar all the time, and it's this new thing and that I must be using something different (We have CND Solar Acrylic) that what her friend uses or not have heard of what they use is new, you know.
i think I seen the photo on Pinterst.
It now says that it is unavailable. I couldn't pull in up.
She's taken it down....I can't see it
I wish I had seen it. F.Y.I. you can search by image in Google Images either by typing the url or uploading the image. It will find any pages with that same image.