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Full Version: Shellac & OPI Gelcolor
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So I have a question....I use the Shellac system with the lamp and I have a few Gelish colors that I also use with the Shellac base & top but I am now looking at the new OPI Gelcolors. Does anyone know if I could continue to use my Shellac lamp? I'm a booth renter and I've already spent an good amount of money and not sure I could make the additional investment.

Another question is if you have tried the Gelcolor, do you like it & how do you think it compares to Shellac. Thank you for your time!!!
I have cured OPI Gel Color in a regular UV light (not particularly the CND light, but similar) and it works just find. The directions say with their UV light (the Axxium light), curing times are
Base: 1 minute
Colors: 2 minutes each
Top: 3 minutes.

Also says cure times may vary with non OPI UV lights. I cured mine using a YN light.
Base: 1 min.
Colors: 2 minutes
Top: 2 minutes.
Everything worked fine.

I personally LOVE the OPI Gel Color! I find it easy to apply and easy to remove. You do have to shake the bottles before using like Shellac. I find that the colors go on beautifully, I've NEVER had a wrinkling problem like I do with other brands, and the removal is the BEST! I gently file the top coat, apply the acetone soaked cotton and wrap in foil, shiny side facing nail. Leave it on for maybe 10 minutes and it flakes right off. I rarely ever have to do any major pushing/scraping. That's my favorite part!!!
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I have the CND Shellac lamp and have cured the OPI Gelcolor in it. I did two mins for the color coats
Ok.. I was wondering. I wanted to purchase the OPI gelcolor but didn't want to invest in such an expensive light at the moment. Wanted to use what I had.
I am still in love with OPI's Axxium Soak-Off gel lacquer in the paint pot. I was really skeptical about trying the OPI's SOG polish when it came out; it seems like you have more product control with the paint pot and gel brush. After reading this post, I may invest in a couple of colors and see how it wears in comparison to the Axxium SOG lacquer. Thanks ladies!

I use the shellac light with all of above and they cure fine. I use the Shellac base and top with all the colors. No problems.