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Full Version: adding decals on top of gel
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hi everyone, i tried to add some of those plastic decals on top of a finished set of gels, I used saran wrap to hold it in place under the light but when i finished the saran wrap stuck too, it was a mess, i did them one at a time but none of them turned out & i kept having to re-do them! so is this done!!Smile thanksSmile
When I add decals, I apply them to the finish filed nails, then apply a thin coat of regular over them, to seal them in. I've found with some of the puffed decals, it takes more than the thinner type sealer gels to make sure they're covered well. After that, I'll wipe of the sticky layer, sponge buff so the tackless sealer will adhere well.

I've recently gotten some decals that didn't have very good adhesive on the back, I had to put a teeny bit of glue on the area where I wanted the decal, THEN put it down. That was the only way I could get them to stick. Then I went thru the steps above. A bit too much work for them, imo!

I wanted to clarify my above post, in rereading it after it posted, I left out the word "gel" in the first sentence. It should read, "then apply a thin coat of regular GEL over them".

I looked for the edit button and couldn't find it....