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Full Version: Glitter Acrylic Question
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I have been asked to do "glitter acrylics" at the salon I'm at. I dont think theyre referring to the color glitter tips I learned in school, but something I saw on a girl at the store which was actually really pretty. It looked like a really natural acrylic, medium length and thinner looking than usual except the pink part was slightly sparkly without being too overdone...almost like it was a clear acrylic with a subtle accent of holographic glitter...the tip was solid white.

Can anyone tell me what this is? Where to purchase?

Thank you for your help Smile
You can just purchase the holographic glitter and mix it with pink acrylic until you get the glitter consitance you want. Same thing with other colored glitter mix it with clear or pink acrylic.
Young Nails website has a videos on how to make your own glitter mix using the powder you have and whatever glitter you want. Also, some companies already have premixed glitter/acrylic mixes. Sparkles has some really nice mixes that will definitely set you apart from the rest. LOVE these mixes, but like I said before you can take any glitter (Martha Stewart is a really good one to use) and make your own. I believe it's 3 part acrylic powder 1 part glitter.
My sister in law get her nails done with TT (Tammy Taylor) and they are exactly like you described them.
TT has a nice acrylic collection of those sparkly ones.

Also Sally's sells a holo fine glitter that you can use for the mix.

I may also give it a try and see how the mixture works Smile.

Just mix 1/4 glitter (martha stewart glitter is awesome) to 3/4 pink or clear powder. It is easy and much more cost effective then buying pre-mixed acrylics.