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Full Version: gel off clips
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Has anyone used these? And where can I get them in Canada
not sure where you can get them in Canada but I know they're on eBay.
I just got three sets of the Gel-Off clips this week from Alfalfa Nail Supply, and I have used them a few times now.

They are "just OK". I think they should have come in two sizes to accommodate smaller fingers. If a customer has a small finger, you have to load up the clip with cotton balls to hold it on and then you are using alot of acetone in that wad of cotton. In that case I would just rather use foils.

The plastic quality is OK, but I do not see the little rubber ring that holds the whole clip together and acts as the hinge lasting very long. We have these same types of rubber rings on some of our hair color dispensing equipment and they stretch out and do not hold up. The rubber ring also makes the clip on the rickety side - doesn't open and close evenly/slides around.

I will probably use them on clients with larger fingers, but I can see me getting my foil back out.