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Full Version: Working with a foot or any injury?
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I fell down my friends porch steps on Jan 1st and suffered a lisfranc foot injury. I ruptured the tendons in the lisfranc joints near the metatarsal bones. I had surgery 6 days later to insert screws to close the 2.5 mm gap. I am instructed to be non weight bearing an am wearing a giant boot for the next 6-8 weeks. Then will graduate to a waking boot for a few months and then to full weight 6-9 months out. Give or take depending on healing and all.
I have a knee scooter and help for work this week and will only be there a total of 15 hours over 3 days. I asked the orthopedics doc and while they prefer it to be elevated as much as possible, I am allowed to keep it level with my hip while I work. I have a stool that sits next to my clients so I can be comfortable.
Has anyone ever worked with an injury that made things not impossible but more difficult? I am thankful this is the only injury I suffered as the steps are concrete with no railings. I could be so much worse off. But getting to work on my own will be a challenge for the next week, and by that I mean getting in and out on one foot while loading and unloading the knee scooter.
I would love to hear tips on what not to do or what would be helpful from anyone who has had to work with an injury.
Oh and I wont be doing any pedicures until I am allowed to have the walking boot.
( side story ) I thought a few clients might push the subject of how this will work out, and believe it or not they were all sooo incredible. It was a co-worker of all people asking if she could bring my supplies to my house so I could do her nails 3 days post op! whoah.
Also I have read a ton of info on lisfran injuries but most people who come to talk are having bad experiences. The good outcome story tellers have no reason to come online as often. Has anyone else had this or know of someone who has that has a positive outcome? Thanks for reading through all that. Heart
Not foot, but my knee.. several times ;(

The first time I was rushing down the stairs to the client and slipped, real close to an ACL tear.. after getting ice, calling hubby to come home, I hopped back down stairs, propped my leg up and did the crappiest set of nails ever.. she never came back.. good riddence because I;m screaming on the stairs and she's sitting donw there.. "oww.. oww.. oww.." I had to holler at her to get her tocome help me..

Slipped on the ice then in the house after that.. same story.. worked with the leg propped up all 3 times..

Thats all I can tell you really.. make sure you keep it elevated while you are working and ice handy if you need it.