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Full Version: Hello All!!
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Hi Ladies!!
Totally new here, and love reading your posts, they have helped me and given me ALOT of new and unique ideas.
My name is Jackie, I live in Casper Wyoming, I am 29 yr's old and have a 2 1/2 yr old daughter and a 3 month old son, and a S/O of 6 years.
I JUST recieved my licence today!! I'm so very very excited as this is something that I have wanted since I was 17 or so...just had NO idea how to go about it until I met a beautiful soul and she showed me the way and pushed and prodded and helped me through school and my boards and has been helping me get set up along the way.
I can't wait to get to know you ladies better, this seems to be a great message board center. If you need to know anything or have any ?'s or comments please feel free to reply or e-mail me.