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Full Version: OPI gel polish
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I was curious as to how the OPI soaked off? Is it like shellac or like Gelish? How do you like it if you are using it? How does it compare to the others? Thank you for any info that you have
Hi TinFlorida. The new gel (not Axxium) soaks off in about 15-20 minutes I hear, basically the same as Shellac, or gelish and all the other UV Gel polish brands. I haven't used it yet myself, but others say they like it quite a bit. Axxium is not a gel polish, but a soak off soft gel and that takes 20+ minutes from my own personal experience.
I soaked it off yesterday for the first time and was really nervous about how long it was going to take since I have only ever used Shellac and it soaks so quick and to my surprise I was able to remove it as fast as Shellac and in my opinion it removed better! I'm SHOCKED to even say that because up till this point I have thought Shellac was the cure all end all of soak off polish! NOW I highly suggest following the directions which is wrap, then place hands in the plastic mitts and then into a cotton mitt or under towel to keep the heat in. Heat makes Acetone work faster. I also lightly buffed the top of the nails first and took the shine off the polish but I am not sure if it was necessary or not. I also felt the OPI Gelcolor wore extremely well! I have had it on for over two weeks and it is still shinning beautifully and holding up, again almost better than Shellac. OH boy hello OPI Gelcolor, there is a new gel polish in town Wink Hope this helps!