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Full Version: Body Aches
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Hey guys!

I had my first day of consistent manicures in school today. Even did a few designs. It was pretty exciting. As soon as I got home today though I was in complete pain!!

How are you guys staying limber and pain free? I was thinking of possibly doing Yoga twice a week. I eat really well and drink water as my primary if not ONLY beverage. I am only 28 and I am able bodied but this pain has me a little scared for when I am actually out there working.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.
I think you'll probably get a lot of good advice about correct posture, how to hold your arms/wrists, etc... but from personal experience I can tell you that you should schedule a visit with a physical therapist. They can look at your overall posture and see if there are any adjustments you need to make and can recommend exercises if you have any existing things that need to be corrected. I went for PT because I have arthritis in my shoulder, neck and now elbow (and have had it since I was 27). It turns out that my neck muscles are week and so my head position is too far forward (even though it feels like I stand very straight). I'm about 5 weeks into doing some simple corrective exercises and can tell a huge difference. Also, I found that some things that seem common sense about how to sit, etc. weren't actually correct (a few of them were just in Nails Mag!), such as squaring your shoulders when you feel like you're slouching - if you're still leaning your head forward when you do that you are actually creating more strain! Anyhow, I think it's worth the time and small expense to head off trouble.
Awesome! Thank you so much for your reply. I have insurance so I could see a Physical Therapist and it would be well worth the money to head off the pain.

I appreciate your response.
Also, it helps to make sure your clients hands/feet are at the right height so you aren't bending in half when you're working. Also, try to keep your back straight and your feet flat on the floor and bend at your hips, not your waist.

You should find that as you continue to work, you'll get used to the physical demands of the job and won't be so sore. : )
When I was in school my teacher said I'll give you five years in this business, you're posture is bad. It's been almost 7 and I ache all over all the time and I don't even work full time. I do find my posture sucks doing any service. Waxing is bad for me as I need to see close up and I'm bent over, sometimes it's hard to straighten up when I do a brazilian.Confused

I am doing stretching now and paying closer attention to my posture when I work something I should've done years ago. I think I thought I would never ache or get old, crept up fast..Sad

Good luck and watch your posture!


Good posture seems impossible for me. I try and yet I always end up with the clients hands to close to the table or their own body with me leaning in and down to see. I do have a nice padded arm rest on the clients side and prefer they have their elbow on it with their hand up to me and not resting their forearm so the hand is down. I don't know if that even made sense. I also bought one of those keyboard wrist pads, mine is filled with beans I think. For my side of the table so I don't hurt my elbow nerve more than it is already.
I have a bad lower back and disc compression in my neck so I go home sore daily. I do like to stretch between clients and take a few breaks now. I used to pack them in, but after 18 years and some smarter ways to work, I give my body a little rest during the day. Don't forget to drink water and eat ♥