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We did a fiber wrap today in school. We are not big fans. No matter how much glue we used, we could still see the fiber. So next week we will try silk wraps. [/list]
just a tip: the less you touch the mesh the less it will show.
We did Silk Wraps the past two weeks. We move on to Fiber next week. I felt the same way about the silk. I'm glad you don't really have to perform this service in the real world.
I always used silk instead of fiberglass. It always showed to much for me, too. The silk is finer and I think you'll like it better.

The weird thing is, you have to learn that for state boards but almost no one uses it, anymore. I know a few techs do but not many.
You can't get dust of oils from your fingers on the mesh. The easy way- cut your mesh and hold by an edge. Place on the nail. Take a piece of plactic warp and press the center. Then cut around the edges to fit the nail plate. Press all the way down with the plastic. Elegant Glass has a polypro sheet to do this with, also their mesh has an adhesive- but I know that is not allowed on SBs. Check out their website for complete directions.
Thank you!! I like silk better and I'm using that for state boards. I have a week left of school and I think I'm ready for the practical.
I learned fiberglass this week. You're right, it does show through. I like the process better and I'm sure if I were using self adhesive silk, I'd like it better too. Good luck on your exams!!
Curious to know how long does it takes to do a fiberglass fill? From finish to end? Thanks
I don't know how long it takes. We never did all ten fingers. Now that I'm out of school I haven't used them again. Sorry.
I'm an oldie nail tech, silk/fiberglass nails were the rave in the early 80's and had consumers asking for their nails to look more natural looking. There is a place for the technique, so it is a good thing to learn just as any other nail system is great to learn, too.

A fill for silk/fiberglass shouldn't take any longer than any other system, no more than an hour. A full set can take up to an hour and half, depending on expertise.

The more different techniques and products you learn to use, the more versatile you will become as a nail tech and will set yourself apart from others.
I agreed with luvglitter. I'm also an oldie and learn to do fiber glass many years ago. Didn't like silk at all, but I did find star nails has a fiberglass that doesn't show through. I really like doing backscratchers. To this day I still use fiber to repair on nails. I found that the fiber was stronger then the silk.
I'm an oldie as well and although I just have a couple of clients that still use the silk for overlays and tips (I use the Backscratchers) I use the method quite frequently to 'patch' a torn or split nail. While it's not used much these days, it's a great technique to know how to do to keep clients from tearing their nails, I love seeing the smile on their faces when they feel the nail afterwardsExclamation
Funny I found this post. I just had to do a silk repair yesterday and gained a new client. I heard one of the ladies in the stylist chair complain about her hair being so coarse it snagged one of her nails in the AM before her appt. I offered to repair it with silk to save it and it worked!! She upgraded to a gel mani and prebooked for her next one.

While I do think wraps are more of a generational service, it does have its place every now and again
I went to nail school in the 90's...we too learned siilk and fiberglass wraps. Every now and then I will repair a nail with this procedure. My favorite is also
Backscratchers. It's always helpful to have knowledge of wraps and how to apply them to the nail.