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Full Version: First time using the Art Pen
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Let's see if this works ~ it's from my facebook page. Just thought I'd share with the BT family. I literally received my pen RIGHT before my client arrived for her appointment, so I didn't have a chance to play or experiment with it....hope I did the pen justice....but I have to say it was very easy using it, even for the 1st time.!/photo.php?fb...=1&theater[/img]
They look great! I should get one of those pens.
Thank you moonkissed!
Yes she did get it the first time! Her nails were awesome! I use mine everyday! I have a hard time going home at night,cuz I keep thinking of things I want to do with it. I just posted some new videos on utube "The art of the pen" channel.
If you would like to purchase ine please email me [email protected]
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