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I am interested in trying and possibly purchasing some product from the company. I've called five times this week, left two messages, and sent an email and no response??

I'm beginning to get a little frustrated and feeling like they could care less about a potential new customer. Sorry guys just wanted to vent....It stinks being new to this whole industry and feeling like a small fish.
Yes, you should have at least gotten a response.

Instead of the corporate office, have you contacted a distributor?

Check here to see who may be closest to you:

HTH. Smile
I'm not sure why you didn't get a response. I apologize on behalf of Entity Beauty for your inconvenience. We did have our annual Educator training in Las Vegas this month. That may have been the reason for the delay. Have you checked the website for a distributor in your area? We have many events ongoing through out the country, many of which allow you to see and feel product before purchasing. There will be a webinar online Monday, 01/30 featuring Lorena Marquez doing Alternative French Acrylic Couture. The cost is $25 and requires registration. Go to for info.
I've been a nail artist for 25 years and have been using Entity exclusively since 2006. If I can help you in any way with our products, please contact me. I'm on Facebook as well.
Tina Ciesla
Entity Artist
Which brand you use for the nail polish? I am not getting it that why they didn't reply you. I think you should try once again or else you will have to shift to another company or another brand.