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Full Version: Mentor needed...any takers?
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I feel stuck, I have been certified in gel for a year in Febuary, but certain things are still eluding me, if I had someone that I could shadow and that could coach me in trouble spots, I'm sure I would be moving along much better. I don't know what people normally pay for this sort of thing but I am open to discussion about it. I am in Calgary Alberta, I know it's a long shot, just thought I would checkSmile
just bumping this up for you, I am in Ontario so sorry can't help you there. you can email me privately if you want I can help you that way. I have been doing gels for about 15 years. Have you looked into taking a workshop doesn't matter if its not your brand of gel, you'll still learn something, There is alot of video's on youtube, and some gel companies have videos on their websites
have you attended any shows lately to get help and tips & tricks? I know there is one in Vancouver BC in Feb.

Who/where did you get "CERTIFIED" is there any additional help there?