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Full Version: The art of the pen
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NEW LYRICS to the lime and the coconut-

You put the art pen in de pot o paint and mix it all up
You put the lines on de fingernails and then you feel better
I called the doc and woke him up
I said doctor, ain't there nothin I can take?
I said doctor, to relieve this crazy ache
He said there's nothin you can take
You put the lines on de fingernails, then you feel better
And Give Tess a call, in the morning.
Woooooo,hoooooooooo I said Wooooooooooohoooooooooooo! (*_*)
Hahahaha! Cute! Were you singing that as you drew on nails today?
Hey I have a question. What paint do you recommend to use with the art brush and where do you get it? Also, what's the best way to clean it?
Yes, I do sing when I use my art pen! LOL Just havin a great time with it.
I am a us distributor and I invoice you 18.95 plus 5.00 for shipping thru paypal. But if you need to. you can call my salon and pay with my visa terminal.
Thanks for your interest.
Colleen: I'm enjoying the pen -- for me it makes swirls so much easier! You clean it with soapy water, and Sam Biddle says to leave it to dry with the soap still on it and it will make the paint flow out of it easier. :wink:
I already have the pen, just wondering what paints you use with it. Big Grin
Colleen: Oops! I use slightly watered-down acrylic paint -- I think it is Folk Art brand. But I have read that air-brush paint works well because it is thinner and you can buy that in the hobby store where they have models (cars, etc.) and I can buy air-brush paint here at our local Vietnamese beauty supply also.

What I tell people is to atleast buy black airbrush paint. You use that more than anyother color. Then You can add water to anyother waterbased paint. Just add a little to match the consistency of the airbrush paint. Everytime I need a new color I get out a plastic jar and put some paint in it. Then I add some water and stir it up. Eventually you will have all the jars of paint you need made and ready to use. I found the plastic jars at hobby lobby.
what size of jars? Screw on lids? So once you get to the right consistancy it stays that way between uses? How do you know if you have the nib in the right spot?
You want to get jars that are tall enough for you to dip the pen so the paint gets ito the round well. You want small(not to wide) plastic jars with lids. This way you don't have to use so much paint to fill the jar and they can't spill.
If you still have the plastic bag that your pen came in,there is a picture on the back that shows you how to place the nibs. But, if you were to lay the little nib upside down it whouldn't lay flat. one side would be up in the air. Flip it over, to see it is tented. you want the small tented nib to lay inside the large one. (with the pointed end facing the point of the large nib.) The small pointed nib should be almost covering the slit in the larger nib. hold onto them both tight. And insert them into the pen. Push down untill it comes to a stop at the well. You might have to try a few places where it is difficult to slide the nibs in place. But I assure you it will go in all the way to the well.
Readmy last post. There is a lot of info in there.
So the spot with the face on it is the well that you want the paint to get into? because I've been stopping at the base of that. I also haven't had access to the airbrush paint yet so figure part of my problem is the paint may still be to thick.
I do still have the package I'll check it for the picture but don't remember seeing a picture showing those details. Put your art pen together
Hows everyone doing with thier pens? Lets see some pics! Please don't put the pen down if you are having troubles. let me help! I want you to love the art pen as much as I do. It really is easy! But It's hard to donvey in a post. email me [email protected] I am here for everyone!
When I clicked on the video link it says the video has been removed
There were two of the same videos. So I deleted one.
Try the other ine.
I ordered my pen the other day and you had sent me an email asking if I wanted to wait for one since you were out. I tried to email you back but it kept failing to send. Yes, I will wait! I'm excited to get it and start playing though!
What is this pen?
(01-17-2012, 03:02 PM)JUST NAIL IT Wrote: [ -> ]There were two of the same videos. So I deleted one.
Try the other ine.

I'm in West Lafayette! My bff just ordered one in Chicago a couple of weeks ago. I might have to drive over to Logansport this week! Are they back in stock?
I now have a website I have a photo gallery to give you inspiration. Tutorials,and videos.
There you will also find a Blog that i recently started.
I started this thread with the intentions of helping people who wanted an easy way to learn to do quick designs for more cash.
I love this art pen by Be Creative! I decided i wanted to focus on helping people develop thier artistic side. So I only sell the art pen. And devote my time mentoring people on Facebook.
I used to be on this site all the time. It was my home away from home. I got stuck on Fb for awhile. But I really missed BT. I was a little miffed for awhile about some of the comments and attitudes here. But I'm over it now. Most of the people I was talking to found me on FB. But If you didn't get your questions answered let me know. I am back here now and am here to help you. Debbie is a doll and I missed you guys too! Lets Create!
I hope everyone got their questions answered. If you need any help,please feel free to contact me [email protected]
For Tess or anyone else who has tried the pen: How long do you have to wait for the polish to dry before you can use it?