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Full Version: Shop Small Saturday vs Black Friday
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Whew! I've been so busy the past couple of months that I haven't been here often, but I wanted to share an incentive to help your business for the holidays and after.

Shop Small Saturday is to encourage people to buy from local businesses instead of big box stores. Instead of getting up early on Friday, shoppers are encouraged to shop Saturday with local businesses to keep money in our own communities.

Did you know, for every $100 spent with small shops, $68 stay in the community? For every $100 spent with big boxes, $43 stay in the community. Purchases made online -- no money stays here.

Tied to this incentive is another initiative, The 3/50 Project ( that asks consumers to choose three businesses they would not want to see close and spend $50 with each of them over the next six weeks.

Visit my Facebook page, "Bella Donna Nails" and you can share the link for these movements and create more traffic and income for your business and community.

Love and Light.
I LOVE this! I'm in Smile Actually I am spending Friday (I'm in Canada) at our annual One Of A Kind craft show in Toronto, so talk about timely!