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Full Version: Where can I buy Bulk!!
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Looking to start ordering everything i need to get started. Anyone know the best place or website to purchase bulk diposable files, buffers, 99% IPH, the basics really.

Premiere Nail Source has bulk items for files, buffers, etc. Check them out at

thanks i checked them out idk if they are the best deal though. and i think im going to sams club to buy a huge box of coffee filters to use as lint free wipes ill just cut them up like i do the cotton.
Cotton is not salon-friendly . . . too much lint! And cutting things up does not look professional. I know of salon that use toilet paper for polish removal; that's not the answer either.

Buy non woven sponges (2x2) from Pearson Dental, case of 5000 (25 sleeves of 200 each) for only $23.50. You won't regret it.
Goto for nail wipes and gloves. Look for the 2x2 wipes. You can get 25 sleeves in a case for $24
Jinx! 12345678910. Lol
premiere nail source is the best for bulk on files, pedi slippers, barbicide etc. 99% IPH I get at the grocery store. isn't bad either, they're cheaper on most acrylic and gel supplies if you're ordering them in bulk.
Check out Nailite too. Their Monday deals are good. I got my Cuccio scrub and butter buy one get one free for the big tubs that way. I spread my ordering around a little to get the best deals.
Thanks for all the info ladies. I think I’m going to go with Nailite for art supplies and files buffers so far. I’m just going to make a cart everywhere and see what total is less and which products is less. I’m going to try some perm papers tonight as the lint free wipe lol I have a box just sitting in storage so why not use them and I have a handy coverable dispenser. And the cotton will just be used on sogp removal so I’m not worried about the fuzzies to much. Have any of you used Nailite’s polishes? I am thinking they are great priced and not available at Wal-Mart lol. Peels is having a closeout sale on their Essie overstock but idk the nailite is still cheaper. And Nailite just showed closeout prices on some of their SOGP? Any reviews would be awesome and thanks. I plan on trying to be open by March 1st. So I have a little time to decide and I get to use my ex’s refund to start my salon bahaha (evil laugh). I thanked him and the court for his investment to my future goals lol.