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Full Version: smile line cutter help
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I have the q french 3 set cutter. I can not seem to get crisp lines and sharp points. Would the one that says for pink and white(one piece) work better. This one is for white cutting only. I am really frustrated trying to get nice smile lines. ANY HELP?
I can't help you with the tool but have you tried the reverse method? I find it much easier to the the traditional method.
I have a one peice line cutter tool, found here:
and I also find that I dont get good sharp points in the corners. With this tool, it's a matter of perfect fit, it either fits the width of the nail perfectly and you get a good round smile with sharp corners (RARE), or one of two things occurs: A- it is slightly too small so you get a good smile but bllunted corners or B-it is slightly too large so you get sharp(ish) corners but a rather too straight smile line.
I also have found that I spend more time with this tool trying to make sure I use the right fit that I do if I use the reverse method and just do it myself. I guess basicly, in my opinion personally, the line cutters seem to just be more trouble than they are worth.
Young Nails has some great videos on Reverse application on their website under Get Educated.
You may have better luck watching them on their YouTube channel though as the ones on their website seem to take forever to load.
Hope this helps! Smile
Ditto on the reverse method. It has saved me so much grief from doing pink and whites and actually shows a sharper smile line in my opinion. Young Nails website is a great place to start. Good luck Smile