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Full Version: Just joined and wanted to introduce myself!
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Hello Everyone!

I am a relatively new nail tech who is new to this forum! I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and I LOVE doing nails!

This all started about a year ago when I after having my nails done by a very good nail tech I got the idea to try doing them myself. Turns out the place she worked out of had a school, so I enrolled there. It was quite informative, but I found that I wasn't getting enough one-on-one teaching, and I had the sense that the ladies who operated it were more interested in selling you products than actually teaching. I dillgently did the home study portion of the program, only to fail miserably in the practical exam. I passed the written portion with no problem at all. I could not come to an agreement with this organization with regard to re-testing, so I opted for another program at a local beauty college and was wholly successful there. Then I went to work at a salon and encountered a nail therapist who has taken me under her wing to get what amounted to a more in-depth, hands-on, one-on-one course where I learned a great deal. She works for a company here who has developed an exclusive line of nail products for which your must get certified by the company to use. So that's where I am now. I no longer work in a salon, opting to do my nails at from my home.

I am very interested in doing different nails, such as using colours and glitters where there would normally be whites. I would also like to get into competitions and plan to attend a few trade shows this year. Hope to see some of you there!
Bethanne in Edmonton