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I have just started school recently and realized that I will basically be teaching myself how to do nails. I was highly disappointed to find out that my nail school was basically a diploma mill. I haven't learned how to search the forum but plan on doing so throughout the the mean time...Are there any good learning DVD sets out there?

I know they are going to cost me a grip but its better than paying the thousands to go to a better school. I am basically at a school where I read to myself and take quizzes at the end of each chapter Sad

Any help would be beyond greatly appreciated.
Michelle, hit me up on FB....
I have lots of suggestions for you. Smile
Hi Anna,

Thanks for replying. I sent you an email because I do not have a Facebook page set up right now. I hope that is ok & I look forward to your response.

Thanks in advance Smile
...and I no Yahoo Messenger.

I responded to your email and hope it helps.
I use this website I will be taking my board at the end of this month. I would suggest looking up videos on youtube instead of buying dvds. Young nails, fingernailfixer, and nailzoo are great to look up. good luck