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Full Version: testers needed please!!
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Ladies & Gents.. time has come for me to make some changes around BT Smile I worked on a whole new format for 3 months and abandoned it this week because the system was just too buggy and the support was non-existent - zero.. nada.. I went back to the drawing board and think I have found the perfect combination of applications to run the entire site..

The new forum has been installed, some of the pages out side the forum have been re-tweaked to match.. I've got a lot more to do.. but once the main pages and forum are live & running I can work on the rest as time allows.

That said... I need a few people to play around in the new forums for me.. please email me [email protected] if you have some time this week.. I'll let you know what I'd like you to do.. just normal stuff in the forums, register, post, reply.. all that normal stuff.. oh and feedback on the layout..

I would be glad to, Deb.