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I think it would be great if we would all be so kind as to post any jobs we know of so that anyone searching for a job could see if the place and area might work for them,or a salon that wants nailtech ,booth renters or whatever,its hard to find the right salon but if you knew of one wanting manicurist or booths for rent it could make a good start and all the difference.I myself would like to find a spa or salon to work in,booth rent or whatever.I live in North Carolina,lots of salons here does anyone know of and opening
This is a good idea. I'm looking for a Manicurist for a small nail salon in Akron, OH. I can be reached at [email protected] or
There is an "employment classified" forum to post in....maybe we can start encouraging people to post in it.

Also, have you tried the sites or Both list nail tech positions.
garyjon, where in NC are you located? I am near the TN/NC line. There are usually some openings on craigslist