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Full Version: Dashing Diva french tip thingies????
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Does anyone use these? I work in a spa where the owner doesn't have a clue about nail products and bought these to make french gel application easier (was very nice of her to think of it). I used them once and do not like them at all.

Anyone have any info on these?? Or am I just better off doing my pink and white the old fashioned way?

Are you talking about the French tip thingies with the clear casing that you. Lp off?
I was thinking of trying them dashing diva has them in different colors look cool and chip free hopefully. What didn't u like about the?
ColleenNY :
> Are you talking about the French tip thingies with the clear casing that you.
> Lp off?

This is it. I think it's what you're talking about. They don't lay right, especially in the corners. What's supposed to be easy, is very difficult when you are used to a certain look for french. I'd rather just do them with pink and white gel.

I don't know, maybe I'm doing something wrong. They just remind me of Lee Press On Nails.....
Yep that's what I was talking about. You really have to make sure you're sizing is spot-on and that you put a little extra glue in the corners.

Not my tips of choice for sure, but they're good if I want a quick set of nails for some reason for myself. I've never used them on clients.
Aha! That's what I thought. The owner wants to charge more for this service. I think they were a waste unless we just put them away until prom time and use them for "party" nails.
They don't last long on me, kinda flimsy.
I was wondering about these. Now I know not to try them.
Nope. Used them twice now and same results. Not happy at all..... :x
the girls on salongeek seem to use them a lot and seem to like them, perhaps they would have some insight in how to make them work better? I don't know. I kind of feel like they're better than polish, worse than shellac. so I guess it depends on how many product lines and pricing tiers you want to have. sounds excessive to me though.
For the quality, it is excessive. I am soooo not interested in them now. I'm telling you, they remind me of press on nails. And to have our salon charge more for them than shellac?? Big mistake on our part, but being rectified. Live and learn and throw out the stuff you don't like Smile