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Full Version: Before and After pictures
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Thanks for checking them out!!! this is a friend of mine that had a previous bad experience at a chop shop. So I'm going to use her as my model and i hope she learns how nails are supposed to be treated.
It says you have to have a profile to view your pics....?


Those are very fun.
darn ill try photobucket. im kinda bad at this stuff lol.!/photo.php?fbi...=1&theater!/photo.php?fbi...=1&theater

i hope this works its off fb.



I added you to the Nail Gals circle for me, Big Grin
thanks sobeit!!! Big Grin
thanks so much Sobeit. This Google+ is kinda different lol im still using microsoft 2007 at work lol and outlook.


It's very new to me, and very different from facebook but I figured I should have both haha. So we can all get used to it together.
ok 3 more pics lol and a freebe pic of my man Franklin!!!

These i did fast just now i just buffed and shellac over with the same Moonlight & Roses and of course nail art!!

Franklin is the Bird Sorry he is getting into these pictures. And dancing for the camera