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Full Version: Clients with small nails
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I have had a few clients with a tiny nail bed, added to that their nails are super short and they seem to curve upward at the corners of the free edge. It seems like everytime I apply gel nails to these customers, they start to lift in a few days. I use LCN gel and nail forms, and I prep the nail properly. Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated! cry
My suggestion would be to do overlays only, no extensions. Let them grow their nails to an ideal length. This works especially well with nail biters, whose nail beds are often twice as long as their nail plates at the beginning, if you know what I mean.
My daughters are all biters with tiny nail beds. I will only do overlay on them and have them grow to a decent length. I don't even try anymore to do extensions on them. They always come out ski jump when I did.


Makes sense. I guess then the problem would be to convince that person who is dead set on getting longer nails to go for the overlay option. Wondering if nail tips instead of forms would make a difference?
Tips won't likely stay on either; overlays are the best way.
I have a couple of acrylic clients like that...I've had good luck with tips on them, but I do have to fill their nails much more often, (one is 10 days, the other comes in at 2 weeks, no longer) and I don't make the tips any longer than the end of the finger.
I don't know if any of that is useful information =/ none of my gel clients fall into that category.
I have very short nail beds. Sculpts are better for me than tips, but the length does not need to be just past the end of the fingertip. This is a lot of length for a short nail bed. Tammy Taylor has info about this on her website. As for ski jump nails, there are ways to keep them from looking so "arched". You have to apply the product to build from the cuticle area enough to make the nail look even. This is probably easier done with acrylic. I think TT also has info about this- I learned how at one of her classes.


How do you cap the free edge when the nail is so short? I always find gel overlays lift at the free edge first.

I haven't had that problem with overlays. If anyone knows why that would happen, I would be really interested to know.

Also, I agree that they need to be filled no more than 2 weeks after an overlay. It keeps the client on track with growing out their nails.