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Full Version: The Australian Nail Technician
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Comments were made in another thread in relation to making a complaint about dodgy practices in a nail tech's world. As that thread was subsequently closed right after that comment was made I was not able to address it. For reference this can be found here -

As the following comments were not correct, I feel it needs addressing.

Quote:You ladies in AU have no licensing, from all reports, many of your techs are self taught and doing poor/harmful work. You have really almost no one to complain to, and there is nothing much that can be done if you do.

This was a very unfair thing to say because -

1. It was made by the mod who then closed off the thread preventing any correction;
2. The contents of that paragraph are not accurate;
3. It's a slap in the face to the many Australians who frequent, support, talk about and like this forum.
4. This is not the first time a comment has been made about Australian practices which has proven to be wrong.

So rather than have these injustices go unanswered, I would like to cordially point out the following:

- True, Australia does not have any formal licensing in the same way that the US does. Neither do a lot of countries. That doesn't mean that the US licensing system works or that other countries have poor performing nail technicians as a result. in fact, what I read in other forums such as professional magazines, Facebook forums etc points to a lot of disgruntlement with present State Board systems in the US. Nevertheless, Australian nail techs are subject to other forms of licensing depending on where they practice.

- Australian nail technicians do have avenues for complaint. At local government level there is the Council who, depending on where you live, have internal departments that deal with complaints that are expressly in relation to practices in relation to personal services (under which nail technology is placed) and other health related matters such as invasive services (tattoo parlours etc) as well as other related NT issues such as the licensing of waste disposal units that are required in some businesses. At State level, there's the Health Authority and an affiliated trade practices organisation that also encourage nail technicians to lodge concerns and at federal level there are various avenues through which an approach to the Minister is possible (naturally, these complaints are of a very serious nature) and this has happened in the past. To publicly state that we do not have any avenues for redress is simply and blatantly not true.

- Regarding self teaching in the context of having no formal education (because, let's face it, we all teach ourselves in various ways throughout our practicing lives), 95% of nail techs that I personally know, have dealt with in business, trade shows, courses etc and those who have excelled to great heights in this trade are formally educated. Australia has a proven and highly regarded international system of training that is nationally and internationally recognised. Of course you will come across people who are not formally educated - just I have come across many Americans who are self taught or do a course online (which, IMHO, is the same thing) but of further note, off the top of my head two of the top techs in the world have no formal education. Would you suggest that they are poor performers because of it? I don't think so.

- Australia has a professional and proactive association in the Australian Professional Fingernail Association (APFA) that actively lobbies on our behalf, sets guidelines, reviews standards and encourages trained and qualified nail techs to do and be more. I don't see that happening the US. In fact, what I do see and hear around me are a lot of US techs complaining that they don't have a lobbying group such as this to support them.

Yet again, I think the fundamental point in relation to the other thread is that, legally, a complaint must be made in a certain way for it to stand. Reading the responses again in that thread, I feel that this factor was misunderstood and misconstrued as a fault in the original poster when my intention was clearly to point out that yes, absolutely make a complaint but make sure you have the proof to support it. It doesn't matter how many colours you want to paint it, hearsay is not proof and that was my point. Obviously this was understood by some as I note that there was agreement posted by others in relation to this. But again, the comments made by the moderator did not seem to take this into account for I am well aware of our moral and ethical obligations as nail technicians to protect the public. However (and again as part of my education) I am also acutely aware of my legal ones too.

Over here (and I have read articles regarding similar issues in the US too), we have had people successfully sued due to complaints made against them that have been found to have no basis or insufficient evidence to support same. Most notably a recent case involved comments made on Twitter! I was pointing this out (or at least, trying to) in that thread but for some reason the focus rested on international relations rather than the actual topic at hand.

I want to point out that this is not a criticism of the moderator's comments as such but an address of what I feel is a falsehood that requires correction and a little insight. I would never make a judgement of the American system as I am not participating in it and I think the reverse should apply. My focus here is to learn and understand but to make sure that what others understand about Australian nail techs is accurate too. I welcome avid discussion if necessary as this thread is not meant to be a tome but a gentle reminder to play fair. And I hope that what I have written here has done that.

Yes correct the US boards are not perfect.
I know too many techs in AU that tell me whats going on down there.
There are pporly trained techs everywhere.
US is just about the only country that has licening for nail techs, but not every state (1 of 50 does not)
If you have an avenue to complain, then I dont understand what your original "slander/defamation" commnets were about.
I closed the thread for a reason and this too shall be closed.
I will not get into any debates.
You have taken my statements to the umpteenth level and twisted.
Colleen did not have hearsay, she stated so. There was no slander running around, she was instructed, by me, who lives in the same state, as to how to properly handle the situation with the information she had in hand.