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Full Version: Ok i need help with my avatar
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How do i add an avatar from picasa? I keep croping and pasteing the link but cant figure it out at all. Any clues???
Hi Michel, I have picasa too, but I had to upload my pic to photo bucket an from there resize to 200x200 If I remember well.
You need a host for your pic, picasa in not a host.
Photobucket is free and easy

Thanks so much Big Grin ill try here in a bit a see what happens. Hopefully I can figure it out lol.
I did it thanks so much again. Another chance to show wedding pics lol
You are welcome! Big Grin is that you?, you look beautiful! :wink:
Thanks so much again for the help and the complement, Yeah thats me on my wedding day. What you dont see is that its 115 degrees out lol. Some pics i could see the sweat rolling down my hubby's face and some on my neck lol