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Full Version: Choice of Words
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I have recently moved my nail business to a new location and want to know the best way to approach the other stylists clients about nail services, especially when I have some open spots to fill.
I am the only nail tech among half a dozen or so stylists.
I've never been good at this, so if I could get some specific things to say that would help a lot, sort of like a script I could just memorize! LOL!
Should I offer a special or just announce I have an opening at this time?
And is it possible that some stylists might not like having their clients approached? Should I speak to them beforehand?
Thanks for your help!
When I have changed places, the stylists usually have introduced me to their clients. You might want to speak to the stylists and let them know you would like to meet their clients. You might also let them know you would refer your clients to them. Then make yourself availabe for the introductions. I was able to sit in the waiting area at times and greet the clients as they came in. Most will reconigize a new person and ask questions. Be friendly and get to know everyone...they may be your next client. Good luck.
The best way sometimes is to show your work! Offer to do the stylist's nails and have them show their customers. Have some coupons made to keep at their stations or at the reception desk for them to hand out or you can hand them out when youre not busy. Keep your prices or brochures handy too so they can get familiar with the services you offer and your prices.
I always try to greet everyone with a smile who comes in the door at our salon so they know I'm there and I'm approachable.