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Full Version: New Manicurist Instructor for adult ed.
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Hello all.....I was hoping I could get some info. I recently got a job teaching nails adult ed. Any pointers.... So totally new to this!! This is a new course being offered at this career center so I wanna make a very good impression to the nail industry. Been a nail tech for 14yrs and decided to go a different route. Hopefully I can get some input here!!! Thanks for any info!!!
It is exciting and rewarding to instruct students so i am very happy for you. I would say to study everything you can as far as nails go because the students can ask lots of questions. One student asked me the difference between the led and uv and thanks to a nail tech/beauty tech I can now explain the difference. My bookcase is full of nail books, hair books and educational videos. Good luck on your new adventure and have fun.