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I'm just wondering how rent is usually paid to the salon owner. Is it weekly on a certain day or first of the month? Always done commission and just started renting. Owners asking first of the month. Is that typical?


I pay every week. Usually my last day of the week. I think it's just personal preference and I prefer not to have to save up for a monthly check but to pay the smaller amount weekly.
I've done both, paid weekly and also paid on the first of the month. It totally depends on how the owner wants it done.
It depends on what sort of contract you have. I pay quarterly and this includes all outgoings. But I know others who pay weekly, fortnightly etc.
usually, imo, it's paid weekly. I would think that's how the owner would want it, coz if it's paid monthly, it might come out to be less income for the owner.....idk, I've never put the pencil to it to see if there would be any difference.... :?
all three of the owners I've worked for on booth rent have done it did it on the 25th, the rest ask for it on the first. honestly I think the first one did it on the 25th so she'd actually end up with it on the first... :roll:
I am a nail tech but also own a salon with my sister and we do it weekly ... We like to get it on Friday before they leave for the weekend ...some months have 5 weeks ...give Christmas week at 1/2 rent