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Full Version: BlueSky? and French Wrap ??
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LOL i went to google a color chart so i could mark off what other Shellac colors i need and gelish and this came up.

It shows they offer bluesky shellac? and Gelish? I think its a knock off what do all u other nail techs think? If its cheaper i may try one bottle on myself.

Oh yeah one more question has anyone used the French Wraps yet? If so Did you like them. I want to try them on my friend who wears her white off in 5 days from typing.

It's all fake. They can't even spell 'soak-off' correctly. Please save your money and do not support these people. You don't know what's in these products. Besides, your minimum order would have to be 200 pieces.
Thanks for the input. I figured it was fake I won't bother with it. But I wonder who is buying 200 units of this stuff?