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Full Version: What pos cash register system do you use?
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I am desperately looking for a system to use for retail that I can track my inventory & know which stylist is making the transaction. I just want a very basic, user friendly system. Not looking for all bells and whistles but something to stop the manual book work I am having to do now. We do not want a "complete" software system either that allows booking appointments and customer tracking because we are a rental salon and everyone has their own clients. If anyone knows of a good system, could you please share your info? Thank you!


A lot of people I know use salon Iris, there are varying degrees of the system you can get that do different degrees of things, at different prices. You should google salon software.

The esthetician at the salon I work at uses online booking software, not a lot of whistles but it books and tracks inventory.
Thank you BornToBling! I will check it out!Smile
Have you checked out spa booker?...they have different levels based on your needs/number of users. I'm using it and really like it.

Soletherapist, Thank you for your suggestion! I have downloaded a free trial version of salon iris and I am giving that a try. Are you able to book multiple services in one time spot with spa booker? We want to have the freedom that we have with our book to do this. So many times when one of the stylists will book a hair cut in between a color etc. Also. how does the online booking aspect work for you? Can the client see your whole schedule or are they given options for time spots open?

Thanx! Big Grin