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Full Version: Is Beauty West trustworthy??
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I was wanting to order some gel polishes from Beauty West, but I want to say I've read a couple of times (once here, and once on fb) of some bad experiences.....Anyone order from there??? What was your experience?? Any info would be great. I wanted to try out Polish Pro and saw that they are $3 cheaper their, than on the NSI website. I know they give out samples, but I've already received free samples for their acrylic and balance gel....Thank you all in advance.

I've ordered from them a few times and didn't have any problems.
I've ordered twice from them because they have a huge selection of gel polishes from different co.s. The second time I ordered, they were out of a particular size of Entity acrylic powder, so they called to let me know and asked if I wanted a different size. I really appreciated that. Their orders have always been very timely for me, no problems at all.
Ive ordered there a few times as well and everything was fine.
There are companies that are major distributors and therefore handle many orders and sometimes a few may fall through the cracks. Keep in mind when you read a bad review that, folks are more likely to post a bad experience versus a good experience - unfortunately. is certainly a major supplier. I have ordered from them a couple of times without issue.
I order from BeautyWest frequently. Never have I experienced any problems with my order or delays in shipping.

Thank you all for sharing your experiences!!! I appreciate it!!! Smile
I've ordered now twice - quick shipping and no problems. Good Luck.