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Full Version: New Nail Tech Student!
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Hello All! I just wanted to introduce myself. I am currently a Nail Tech student in my second week of classes in Ohio. I am very excited to be in the program, and look forward to learning as much as I possibly can about nail care and how to run a nail salon.

I am also looking forward to all of the advice and wisdom that so many of you have to share! Although I may not be much help, feel free to ask me any questions!

I also have a blog that I post to regularly, and would love any/all feedback and constructive criticism. My blog is;

Thanks for your time. And I look forward to interacting with as many of you as possible!
Welcome aboard!
Hello and welcome!
Hi, welcome Big Grin .
I am a student that is halfway through school. This is a great place to learn. Thanks to the great people on here, I tend to know way more than my classmates!
A big warm welcome to you..
Welcome! Smile


Welcome! You have found a great place to get inspired and get information!
Congrats on joining the industry! Learn all you can and never stop asking questions! Welcome!
Thank you all for the warm welcome!!!
Welcome! This is a great place to be!
Welcome. I love this site this is my 2nd internet stop every morning!!