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Full Version: Letting clients know I've moved
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I recently decided to go out on my own and open a small space to do nails and waxing. I was able to let many of my regulars know in early December but I had not settled on a location. I let them know I would email them once I was settled.

Just wanting some advice on what information I should include and or wording? I have an idea of what I will say but always like to get additional input.

Thanks and Happy New Year!
Something simple along the lines of:

I am happy to announce that I will now be doing nail services and waxing at:
(salon name)
(salon address)
(easy directions) ex: across from Main Street Movie Theater.

If you need an appointment or have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at:
(phone numbers and email info).

I look forward to seeing you at my new location!

HTH and congrats on your move!!!

Big Grin


Very exciting. I would love to come see someday. I still want that pedicure but life hit me hard and with having to heal from two mole biopsies one that is weeks from being healed, I got sidetracked.
Peggy, you read my mind! Well whenever you are healed and feeling up to it let me know so I can get you in for a pedi. I would love to see what you think once I get all set up and the space put together. Hope you have a speedy recovery!

Happy New Year


I am going to be totally jealous. I can tell you that already. I like where I am and love my co-renters, but the salon is not being updated and I dream of leaving. I can't affor the high rent of some other shops so I stick it out. I al proud of you for doing what I don't have the balls to do. I am thrilled for you. Don't mind me If I whine lol.


Hey you, I sent you an email. I broke my foot yesterday falling down some porch steps. A nice 5 foot fall. So much for my pedicure Sad
I do have another client for you to help me with while I heal, if you don't mind. I told her I would get your info to her ASAP. I again need your # so when you check you emails that would be great.

I'm so sorry to hear about your foot. I hope your recovery is as quick as possible.


If you have their postal addresses, we just got in some lovely, "We've Moved" promotional postcards..