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Full Version: Retail Tracking ?'s
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I'm going to be retailing (a relatively small amount) of products for use between services as well as some things for convenience to my clients. There are around ten lines of items.

I'm wondering if anyone has a 'system' that they particularly like. I'm not certain how to set one up for the merchandise I'd like to sell.

Do you use pen & paper or a small program for less than a dozen & a half items?

I'm going next Friday to see an accountant, but he's not in the beauty industry :lol: Tongue

I have used in the past and will use spa booker. It is spa management software that you can use for booking appts but what I really like is that when you retail them it tracks the inventory....keeps the retail record for the clients etc. I am opening up my shop in Jan and it is just me so I did spa booker lite and it is a $25 set up fee and then 25 per month. This also gives you online booking capability if you want. It's really easy to use and the last place I was at really benefited from the system.

HTH and Happy New Year!

Ps could you send me your email address? I noticed you took the ant/mnt and nasp courses and would like to chat more with you about that aspect of the business.
Thank you. I watched the demo of the SpaBooker and really liked what I saw. Being the holiday, I will have to wait to speak with anyone from there about a few questions I have. It seems awesome, though! Smile

Of course; I can chat with you about the ANT & NASP. They were both excellent learning experiences~

My email address is [email protected]

Happy New Year!!