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Full Version: How to use the Art Pen
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Check out this video on how to make a rose. You can leave it as is, or color between the lines with a tiny paintbrush. You can also use gel paints!
It is really easy, and fun. email me if you would like to purchase one for 18.95
Tess Walters
Do you every find it hard to make swirls and lines with a paintbrush? The Art Pen is so easy, your grandma could do it!
This is the most economical way to do nail art. All you need is an Art Pen,waterbased acrylic paint,and some little plastic paint pots to dip the pen into. Just dip the pen in the paint,wipe it on the rim to remove excess paint, and have fun!!!!!!!
email me for more info [email protected]
Where do you get the airbrush paint that you talked about?
I've seen airbrush paint at Michaels, near where they sell airbrushes for painting models etc..
Micheals and hobby lobby have airbrush paints. Buy atleast black (u use it the most) and then you can add water a little at a time to the cheaper waterbased paints to match the consistency of the airbrush paints.