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Full Version: nail art video
You're currently viewing a stripped down version of our content. View the full version with proper formatting. This is a video on how to use the art pen to highlight your canes.
I hope you enjoy watching my videos. This Art Pen was made to hold paint, which is thicker than ink. Your paint runs fluidly without clogging the pen and skipping. I can't put it down. I made my purchase money back by the first day of using it!
I am going to post pics every week to entice you to purchase one. I have been doing nails for 30 yrs and have never had soooooo much fun!
They are 18.95 invoiced thru paypal. (which is a secure site). You can start using it right away because there is no learning curve. It's like using a very sharp pencil. Easy Peasy!!!!!!!!!!
Anywho. you can also go to my facebook pages and look up Tess Walters for more pics too.