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Full Version: Shellac with Foil :-)
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I did these nail on my friend yesterday, using Shellac and foil :-)
wow...those are beautiful! what kind of foil did you use?
So Pretty!
Very pretty! I would love a tutorial on these as I'm trying to perfect this look myself. I'm especially interested in how you prevent chipping at the free edge Smile
I used base coat cure, one thin layer of Cream Puff cure, then i would take the IPA and remove all stickey layers, then i use foil glue all over the nail i would let i stay on for 4-5 min before i take my foil and then apply it all over the nail, then use Shellac Top Coat over the nail, seal and cure. Big Grin

I also use Shellac top coat on MINX nails then they stay on until i remove it Big Grin Big Grin
Thank you! I will try it and see how it works.
that is just stunning, where can I get some more info on how this is done?
I have posted a step by step a little farther up :-)
WOWZA! Confusedhock:

Take a bow! They are absolutely fantastic.
Foil and Shellac you say? I shall have to look into this.
Love it!!! Big Grin You talked me into trying the foil transfer. Are you just using the Martha Stewart Transfer Foil from Micheal's? I watched Holly's video on the foil transfer with Shellac and have been dying to try it. CND posted some new videos on Pedicure nail art with Shellac. Great video for ideas!!! Your nails look so nice and artsy too. Like you have a method instead of random placement. lol i need to work on that lol
Love them!!!
Beautiful~ so creative! Smile
You can press foil on the inhabition layer of your gel and it sticks perfect. No need for adhesive.