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Full Version: Armrest to table
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Hi Ladies....I need to find armrest for my table so thay my clients hand is raised up. Tired of using towels rolled up... :0/ Needs to be thicker than 1 -2"......thank you for you help.... HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!![/b]


Hi Theresa,

Try looking at places like The Industry Source or Universal Companies. I always order from these places and they are great.

Good Luck

Traci )
Thanks Traci I'll check them out......nn
Hi Theresa,
I use the Wrist assist, created by Robin Renner. It's a great way to get your clients to relax their hands and position them exactly where you want them. It has greatly reduced the strain on my own hands, by eliminating the hand wrestling that used to go on at my table. Smile
You can check it out at:
Hope this helps!
Hi Theresa,

Here's some info on the wrist-assist Darcy spoke about. Thanks Darcy.Smile

The large size, when used horizontally, will hold the bottom of the clients wrist at 2 1/4" above the workstation. Used this way it allows movement in all directions for proper placement. When used vertically, it will hold the bottom of the clients hand at 6 1/2 " above the workstation.

There are videos of it in use on my website. The movement video link was done by Holly Schippers and is a great explaination of how it's used. Please let me know if you have anymore questions.