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Full Version: really disappointing news today.
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I found out today my maternity leave is pretty much ruined thanks to my jolly old finances. i still have to pay full rent at the shop as well as my other bills at home and i'm just angry. not at my shop owner but at my situation. I have been comtemplating a new salon for a while just because its cheaper. I know a woman with a fairly successful salon who will charge me about $30 less a week to maintain my booth. I've been wanting to go into a independant building but the $1k expense it takes to do that is worrying me. either way there is no walkin flow but i dont really have walkin flow anyway so im not out anything. how does one go about moving salons without losing business? if i do it in march, that is my one year mark in the salon im renting in now. i love my owner but the rent is killing me. esp with a new baby i cant work as often an therefore i'm out money. would leaving all together during my maternity and then opening in the new shop be a good time or should i wait until i'm back from leave to move? At this point it looks like i can only afford about 2 weeks off. so its not much of a leave. i'm trying not to be rash about this but its been on my mind a while now. i'm afraid of losing clients but 95% of them follwed me last year when I went from commsion to booth rent. the few that didnt' come were not really loyal to me anyway.
#stressedout. i'm not even sure if moving salons is the answer to the problem.
Would love to hear the responses as I'm in almost the same situation... not maternity, but surgery. Found a place where its $185 cheaper rent a month.... I love my salon owner also, however, that's a huge difference.
I feel like Im being put thru the ringer at this salon and i have to pay extra for things like soda and internet usage. Stuff i Dont even need. Ive been doing nails a while but since i got divorced 5 years ago my finances have been slim and i do this because i love it and cant make the same money at a normal job but its still slim pickins. i left my old salon because they were abusing my customers so Im starting from scratch even though i have regular clients. I Dont know how to approach this without looking cheap and whiney. and this mess will be going on thru march because i have surgery also following birth. I just worry about my business Ive worked so hard for.
Wow, what a dilema! If you can only take off the two weeks for your leave due to money issues.......OK, here's what I'D DO in this situation. Notify all your clients NOW, that you're going to be moving on xx-xx-xxx date. Quit the shop you're at now at the latest date you can get away with. Make arrangements to be at the other shop when you're ready to go back to work and notify your clients where you'll be once you're ready to go back to work. During the time you're on leave, you won't be paying rent at the salon you're working at now because you DON'T work there anymore. So for two weeks you don't have to pay the rent to hold your spot. I realize that's going to make it hard on you because you're going to have to move your stuff out when you leave to have your baby, I hope you have someone there to help you. Plus, I hope that same sweet person will help you set up at the new place...

It sounds like most of your clients came with you, better than the 20% loss which is average when you switch places. At the worst, if you do lose 20%, your rent is cheaper there, plus there's going to be new people to hopefully take their place.
Maybe someone else can come up something better......
It may sound kind blonde but you know i never thought about using my leave as move time. I guess in my head i thought if i moved id have to switch and begin paying immediately. what about springing this on the owner so suddenly? I Dont want to burn any bridges so i guess i should say something now about wanting to not return after i have the baby? I Dont think she'd kick me out cause shes just not like that but i worry about putting her in a tight spot. I know its just business but it seems so mean.
I am in the same exact sittuation as you are. Getting ready to have my second child in february Big Grin ( scheduled c-section) so I will be out for an extneded time. For awhile I was soooo stressed out trying to figure out how I was going to keep my spot at my current salon and still pay my weekly booth rent without working and making any money .. there was just no way at all i could afford to pay my weekly rent when I would not be working and especially with a new baby on the way!! and I too had been contemplating on switching salons for a long time now. I have been at the same place for almost 5 years now. and although I like the people at the salon that I work with, the place itself is just very old, and the owner has not done any updating in a very long time, so it just does not appeal to most new clients especially the younger clientel. the clients who frequent the salon are over 60. ( nothing wrong with that but I would love to be able to do some of the trendy stuff that most all of them are just not into.) and as far as walkins.. that rarely if ever happened in the 5 years i had been there. so I decided this would be the perfect time to make a clean change and start over!! and i told myself why not?? since I will be out for awhile any way, and have to rebuild.. and advertise ect all over again.. ( assuming i will lose the majority of my clients do to an extended leave.) so i told everyone I worked with and all my clients when my last day would be and that i would be back late march/ early april. I made sure that i had everyones info up to date ect.. and my hubby helped me move my stuff out actually this past monday. I feel like i made the best choice given my personal sittuation, I couldn't continue to pay the weekly booth rent without working, had been thinking of switching salons for awhile.. gave everyone plenty of notice including the owner, so i feel like no harm done at all to anyone. I say that as long as you give everyone enough notice, it wont be effecting anyone in a negative way, it will give the salon owner time to find a replacement for your spot ect.. but ultimately, you have to think of your self first and your new baby! if you cant pay the rent to hold your spot while you are out, and you have been thinking of leaving anyway.. why not make a clean break? and think of this time as a new adventure, and enjoy your time off with your new baby Big Grin
See Thats why i love having a forum to come to cause you guys understand me! Mine is planned csection as well and that was another reason i wanted about a month off. I will know the 9th exactly what date ill do it. They are thinking the 17th But Idk.
I have an idea that Ive been working on but i wont have any confirmation on it until the first week of Feb. i was talking with my husband last night and he thinks I should just get my own building that way i wont have to worry about anyone else. Problem is i have to wait for state board approval which wont happen until Feb. I Dont want to bounce and confuse ppl. The new building is a great spot with about triple the room i have now for only $65 a week! Its in an office building where our district attorneys work and next door to two massage therapists.
Hi Ladies. I am not in such a situation but I did want to throw my 2 cents in. I noticed that "I love the owner" is the general sentiment of you all. Always keep in mind that the owner is there to do business with you in the end. He/She is doing what she feels is best for their salon and you must do what is best for your family and career.
If you enjoy the place and can talk to the owner about lowering your amount while you are on leave or can have a stand in technician (someone you trust) in your place and they go for it that is great. But if you believe that you will come into a tension filled conversation or that they will probably say no, then you must do what is best for you.
I personally would try to see if I could get a fill in and check in daily so the owner see's me and so does the fill in.
CloudNineNails, you need to have a private convo with the owner and let her know what your options are. If she wants you to stay, she'll help you figure a way to stay there while you recupe. It sounds to me, tho, like you DON'T want to stay. You're feeling loyalty to her but in the end, you need to do what you feel is best for YOU.

Since you wouldn't have to pay rent if you quit, could take more time to recover?....Maybe another week?
Being self-employed has its benefits, and drawbacks . . . I had a C-section on a Tuesday, and was back to work at my salon the following Monday. You need to do what's best for you and your family, and position yourself to be satisfied both personally and professionally.
As Jamie stated, I had a hysto with abdominal incision done about 6 months after I started a new place. I took one week off, then went back doing 3 clients a day. I literally couldn't afford to stay home and lose what few clients I'd managed to gather. I know the Dr. doesn't want you to move for 6 weeks but some of us just don't have the luxury of sick paid and leave time. I'm not saying ignore the Dr.'s orders but some people heal a bit faster than others.
Thank you ladies for all your wonderful replies. I think i am/was freaking out a little bit and all the hormones aren't helping. I have extended my leave an the clients seem to be receptive. They know i want to be there for them and understand the situation. I have "tentatively" booked them and they know if i call them they will have my stylist friend to turn to until i return. With my first child i was out about 2 weeks but i wasnt the owner then and did 90% walkin. No commitments to follow thru with. Im hoping to come back on an appointment only schedule just enough to cover rent until Im back to full throttle. And with my stylist helping fill in the gaps i will make it but barely. If i can make it til income tax ill be ok i think. But Im still going to apply with state for the new office Smile