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I have been contemplating about putting this topic up for about a week. I have been a SAHM for over 3 years I have a 2 & 3 year old. most the time I'm going nuts trying to get everything done. I find myself always irritated with my self and 3 year old bad attitude. So I am asking if you have any advice or comments on how I can be a better mother and wife please post. I can't wait to start my nail business Smile
Congrats on being so close to getting your business going. I believe you are probably just stressed right now and children Dont help it. I have a 4 year old and Im 9 months pregnant so i do understand. Your child is probably wondering what is preoccupying mommy so much and why you aren't paying complete attention to him/Her. When my son was younger and i was a single mom he didnt like me going to work and leaving him at the sitter but i explained it to him by saying, mommy goes to work to buy you stuff like food and toys. And he eventually equated me working to good things. He got to where he though my work was like the store. I go to work and come home with stuff lol. Just try to have patience with your babies cause they Dont understand and know that everything will pass. You are not shirking your mother responsibilities to work. You are a good mom because you care and wither Thats by being a sahm or a working mom you do Whats best for your kids and for yourself. Dont feel guilty cause you are starting a business. Look at it as an opportunity to teach your children about hardowrk and self reliance.
From a mom of 2 and grandma of 2 more- the "terrible twos" don't always start at 2- all four of mine waited til they were 3. Your children have had you all to themselves and now they are not always the center of attention. That is life, not bad parenting. Always let them know you love them, spend extra time with them when you can, and teach them wonderful things. And yes, let them know why mommy is going to work. Also let them be a part of your going to work- show them polish colors and let them help choose and even try colors on them, when you practice nail art let them tell you what they think. Let them help pick your clothes for work. There are lots of ways to get the kids involved and eager to see you go to work each day.