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Full Version: Pedicure Chair
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I am looking for a new pedicure chair. I am not sure if there is a chair out there that has all the things I would like but if anyone could point me in the right direction that would be really great.

So I would like a chair with a bowl that I can drain there and then like the spa chairs but that will take liners and that I can refill with warm water there and then. I would like a massage chair for the client but that will tilt so that the leg rest will go up so that I don't have be a contortionist when I am working on heels. (Like the Human Touch HT-7450 but with a bowl) I was tempted to get a podiatrist chair (gehwol CONCEPT F3) and then a separate bowl but would like an all in one and something with massage for the client and podiatrist chairs don't give massages.

So basically a spa chair that will tilt with disposable liners. I don't care about jets. Currently I use a belava but that broke after about just one year of use and I am getting sick of the water getting cold and having to carry around with bowls of water and it splashing everywhere when clients swish their feet around in it.

Does such a chair exist?

Thanks for your help from my poor back Smile
Smile Hello,

Sorry my English. I've been using pedicure chair many years. You may not care about jets but I know some customer do. The thing I don't like most about the pedicure chair is it's so hard clean and many laws to follow. Are you sure you want use pedicure chair? Very expensive.

My dad run a nail salon and use 2 Aldens. Alden is by whale spa and they look nice and have liners. I've seen the zero gravity chair in a magazine, they look nice too but too big and take up space, almost like your Human Touch.

I think you get free stool for your back if you buy whale spa chair. I'm not sure.
Thank you for your reply. My customers are used to no jets so no problem there and I really don't like the jets as you can't clean them properly in between pedicures. So I really want something with liners that I can just remove and throw out after each client, like my Belava foot spa liners. But I need to be able to raise the client or tilt them when I work on their heels. I am rather tall and it's taking a toll on my back when I am doing a lot of pedicures.