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Full Version: Shellac with Water Decals and Desing fx help please
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Exactly what the title says. I want to start adding water slide decals and design fc into my shellac preferably under the top coat. can anyone tell me the steps i should used? thanks
I don't use Shellac very much, but I have found that you can apply the water slide to the tacky layer of the color and top coat it as normal....but, I prefer to finish the entire nail with topcoat then buff the shine off lightly, place the water slide and re-topcoat. And I don't use design fx...sorry!
I've both applied to the waterslide decals to the tacky layer and then topcoated, done a complete mani as suggested by C-C and re-topcoated, and even applied 2 layers of topcoat. I've never had much luck getting them to stay. They always come off after a few days, to at most a week. This happens both on myself and on others. I'd love to know how to get mine to stay.
My waterslide decals seem to come off even after sealing them with a gel topcoat. I've tried it over regualr polish and gel polish. Same problem. Maybe it's the chemicals in the decal paper?
I use Eco gels and this is how I do it: once I've applied the clear gel (not top coat) to the entire nail and cure I remove the sticky layer and buff off the shine. then I apply the water decal and use a mini blower dry I keep at my station to make sure it is completely dry then I apply another very thin layer of clear gel cure and then top coat.
I just tried buffing off the shine like recommended here (and the company rep of gels I use) and it still peeled off. Is the clear gel like a clear polish? I'm also going to try buffing top coat, then sandwiching the decal between another base and top coat?
Since I'm such a fantastic artist (not) I use the water decals. I put them on gel polish. I finish the process of the gel polish, then apply the decal and two coats of gel top coat. Make sure you cut the decal out as close to the design as possible. Put in water for at least 15 seconds. Put on the nail pat the edges down and make sure it is entirely dry. Add two coats and it will stay the whole two weeks or so.